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Behind this site we have a lot of people working, aiming to deliver simply the best vacation you ever had. Ok, Brazil with its generosity in any aspect make things a bit easyer already. Thanks to a good web site you can preview pretty well what kind of travel fits best to you. Not too many surprises so far. But there is still this personal touch we are giving that makes the difference. We are not just a Distribution System, we carefully picked the products for, tested each and every one and say: You can book it, we garantee for it - personally.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our offices for a cafezinho, while your stay here in Rio.

Brazilian Incentive & Tourism - The Service Provider behind this Site

Address: Barão de Ipanema, 56 - 5th floor - Copacabana - 22050-030 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Telephone: +55 21 3208 9000   Fax: +55 21 3208 9001   E-Mail:
Year of Foundation: 1991   Staff: 27
Some Faces behind the Site

Richard Lengsfeld, *1962, Swiss/Brazilian, lived and studied in Switzerland from 1969-1985. After his return to Brazil, he was executive courier for the largest incoming agency. In 1991 he founded B.I.T. Setting great store by quality and creativity, alway integrating cutting edge technology, B.I.T. became in a short time one of the leading incoming-agencies.

Deborah Pereira, *1961, Brazilian (true and authentic Carioca), grew up in Rio. Her studies brought her to Geneva, London and Miami. She has been working for the past 25 years in tourism. Her high qualification makes her undoubtly the top professional for Incentive and Congress handlings.

Marcia Lages, *1963, Brazilian, grew up in Rio and graduated in Tourism. She worked in the Incoming Business for the last 24 years. She was actually planing to reduce working and dedicate to the family but, being one of the top forces on the market, BIT insisted and conquered her with the fascinating possibilities and horizons. She is now in charge of Product Management and Congresses.

Lilly Silva, *1963, native from Rio, a would-be psycologist, she began her tourism career 24 years ago. Being a calm and equilibrated yet extroverted person she soon conquered several managing positions as staff advisor, contract manager and head of operations departement. She lectures Tourism at University and has degrees in alternative therapies and shiatsu.