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In addition to being the location of one of Brazil's most important ports, Paranaguá is a historical and ecological point of reference. Preserved there are vestiges of Portuguese colonization...

The Curitiba of Many People

Curitiba is a synthesis of many cultures, brought by immigrants from all over the world, who helped to build every bit of the city from the second half of last century. Welcome by this land which, at the...

Alphaville Graciosa Clube

Architect Dan Blankenship designed this modern golf course that opened in 2001 using the undulations, different levels and lakes to build this highly technical course to meet the needs of the more demanding...

Golf - Driving Ranges

Brazil already has many golf academies mainly in the big cities (driving ranges with or without putting and pitching greens) enabling golfers visiting the cities on business or as tourists to keep their...

Aguativa Golf Resort

A space totally integrated with Nature, exploring the topographical peculiarities of the place where it is to the most: this is how the golf course of the Aguativa Golf Resort is, located close to the...