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The predominant vegetation in Fernando de Noronha is composed of species of the typical arid vegetation of the Brazilian Northeast, which loose their foliage during the dry season. In general, local vegetation...


In Fernando de Noronha there are a number of natural pools, which allow for direct contact with the rich and exotic local sea fauna. The islands' waters are full of fish, sponges, algae, shellfish and...

Diving in Fernando de Noronha

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places in the world for diving. The island’s crystal clear waters, with a visibility of up to 50 metres, host many species of fish, skate fish,...


2-meter high waves with peaks up to five meters high, such as at Cacimba, Boldro, Ruro and Abras Slabs, are sought by surfers from all over the world, especially from November thru April. Some stages of...


The most sensational thing about Fernando de Noronha is that all of the island’s beaches are very pretty and very well preserved. Local seawaters are a greenish blue tone and incredibly transparent. Some...

Boat tours

This is the favourite tourist attraction. Boats sail along the Inside Sea, offering an incredible view of the beaches on the main island of Fernando de Noronha and also the small islands surrounding it....

Buggy tours

Hoodless buggies are the most used vehicles in Fernando de Noronha. They are used as taxis or for tours around the island. Drivers, usually local inhabitants, may act as tour guides and may take visitors...

Observing the Dolphins

“Rotator” dolphins may be seen from the top of the cliff overlooking the "Baia dos Golfinhos" (Dolphins Bay). It is here that they seek refuge, feed and reproduce. The best hour for observations is during...