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Kiaroa Eco Luxury Resort - Maraú
Marau (30 min Flight Trf) 
Children Friendly  Featured, pleasant property 

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Fact Sheet

1) Kiaroa works with mandatory stays of 2 overnights.
2) Exceptions are made during Holidays, New Year and Carnival. Please check with us.

Kiaroa is a sophisticated and unique resort in a 240,000 m² area of ecological protection. It merges nature to deluxe and planning to free will, with amazing results. Here, everything was created to bring the guests unforgettable moments. Just 24 cute rooms, delicately designed to offer privacy and delight to people willing do meet exotic place without leaving comfort. Designed to be an extension of the sea, one of its main features is, doubtlessly, the 800m² swimming pool, with central island, wet deck, swimming ray and bar.
Prices in US$ per person per night. Lowest rate available including 10% service charges / taxes.
Fact Sheet: Kiaroa Eco Luxury Resort - Maraú 

Address: Loteamento Barra dos Três Coqueiros, quadra 03 lotes 16 a 18 - Marau (30 min Flight Trf) - 45520000 Bahia

Brief Hotel Localization: Kiaroa has a unique location at Peninsula de Marau, by the Camamu Bay, an eco-sanctuary.
The access by land to Maraú was only opened on the 60's, when the BR-030 was created. Another way to get there is through a park-road that crosses the Forest, until it meets BR-030.
Leaving from Valença through BA-001 towards south, drive 63km until Camamu, where you'll have to take a boat to cross Contas river. Then take BR-030 and drive 37km to get to Maraú.

In order for an easy access, there are regular daily flights from Salvador International Airport straight away to the Resort’s private landing strip, just 100m from the reception area. The panoramic flight down the coast, takes just 35 minutes, in moderns aircrafts with 6 or 8 seats.

Amenities: Gift Shop - Voltage : 220 V
Room Service is available until midnight.

Rooms: Air Condition - Cable TV - DVD player - Hairdryer - In-room movies - Mini bar - Telephone
* 16 Tropical Suites with balcony and garden view
* 03 Bungalows Morea Luxury with balcony, sea view, garden and private pool.
* 03 Bungalows Morea Master with DVD, balcony, ocean front and private pool.
* 02 Bungalows Bali Luxury with DVD, balcony, jacuzzi, ocean front and private pool.

Activities: Dry Sauna - Fishing - Swimming pool - Tennis court - Trekking - Volleyball
The Resort also offers a library and internet acess.

Credit Cards: Amex - DinersClub - JCB - MasterCard - MasterCharge - VISA


American Bar - Snacks & drinks - Casual - 0 Seats
Kiaroa - Brazilian & International food - Casual - 62 Seats
Tetiaroa Beach Bar - Snacks & drinks - Casual - 0 Seats

The gastronomy is ruled by the chef Antônio Bispo Ferreira dos Santos, who developed a special menu with refined dishes of local and international gastronomy.