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Carnival atmosphere: festival at Paraty

As book lovers from around the world descend on Paraty for a star-studded festival, Rory Ross finds out what gives this sleepy, whitewashed Brazilian town its novel appeal
(Rory Ross, The Independent)


Remarkable Features

Paraty: nature, history and culture living together in harmony. Visiting the Historic Center, which was been put under trust of the National Historic Patrimony since 1999, is a real travel through time....

Paraty: Historic City, National Monument

The city was founded in 1667, around the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, Patroness of the city. It had a great economic importance due to the sugar cane mills (more than 250), and was considered...

Gastronomy: Camarão Casadinho

A typical dish of the caiçara cuisine, it received this name thanks to its appearance: two large shrimps, like a sandwich, filled with a spicy ground and fried shrimp farofa (toasted manioc flour), tied...