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Music Roots


Birthplace of three important Brazilian musical genres - choro, samba and bossa nova - the city of Rio de Janeiro became,...

Feijoada - Brazil's National Dish

Saturday afternoon. You have combined with your friends at 1 pm to eat a Feijoada. Between 1 and 3 they are flocking in, great ambiance, time doesn't matter and - Bossa Nova in the background - marvellous...

Africanisation of Carnival

by Lélia Coelho Frota

Always on the frontier with the religious, the day of the 31st of December separated Christmas from...

The Great Popular Art of the Carnival

by Lélia Coelho Frota

Happiness, casualness and creativity, the trademark characteristics of the Brazilian people, achieve...

How to dress

Rio has its particular swinging style. Relax! Underdress, make it look casual. Go to the beach just in shorts and at night just trowser and shirt outside.

On the Beach:

Gávea Golf & Country Club

Gávea Golf & Country Club has already been featured in Golf Digest magazine as on of the 50 best golf courses in the world outside in United States. The course is unique not only for is laytout which demands...

Golf - Driving Ranges

Brazil already has many golf academies mainly in the big cities (driving ranges with or without putting and pitching greens) enabling golfers visiting the cities on business or as tourists to keep their...