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  Brazil as a Market  
  Gross Income Product (GIP)
Brazil equals economically Taiwan and Russia together

Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
Brazil is the ninth largest economy in the world in Buying Power with a PPP of over US$ 1 trillion. It is expected to be 5th in a couple of years.

Think of a Market
1.3 million washing machines (82 % more than in Canada - 4th market in the world)
95,1 million litres of shampoo (352% more than in Canada)
8.02 trillion litres of soft drinks (343% more than in Canada - 3rd market in the world) 1.9 billion baby pampers (62% more than in Italy)
63.4 thousand tons of tooth paste (456% more than in Italy)
51,4 thousand book titles (12% more than in Italy)
1.2 billion US$ in CD's. 5th largest market in the world
681,9 thousand tons of biscuits (27% more than in Japan, 2nd market in the world)
3 million fridges (66% more than in UK, 4th market in the world)

Residence in the interior of Sao Paulo State
97% have a fridge 94% have colour TV 91.3% have a washing machine
78.3% have a Video Player
33,3% have a Freezer (SEAD - Pesquisa de Condicoes de Vida)

2nd biggest market in the world for:
Executive jets and helicopters micro waves handies fax machines diving and hiking equipment

Middle Class
28 million families (IBGE) 8% more than the German population Bigger than Czech Republic, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Luxemburg and Iceland ALL TOGETHER.

Brazil Today
453 different car models in offer 88 different types of tomatoes in offer 120 different types of beer in offer 180 different types of tennis shoes in offer

Brazil represents 42% of the GIP of Latin America including Mexico and 13,3 % of all developed countries in the world including China.

If Brazil goes bankrupt, Mexico breaks down 30 minutes later Argentina breaks down 15 minutes later Chile breaks down 5 minutes later Paraguay.....

The whole GIP of Argentina is equal to the Interior of Sao Paulo State
The whole GIP of Chile is equal to Greater Campinas (Ernest & Young)
The whole GIP of Uruguay is equal to Santo Amaro District in Sao Paulo