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Aspects for Investiments in Brazil

• Brazilian culture: western values;
• Political Stability: democracy has become a real value for the Brazilian society;
• Economic stability: the effects of the Real Plan (enhanced economic activity with freedom of prices) are eliminating the "inflationary memory" and society's tolerance of inflation;
• Availability of an efficient, smooth and modern financial and bank system;
• The dimension of the domestic market: large enough to ensure, alone, economies of scale in most economic activities;
• Expanded market: MERCOSUL;
• Low direct labor cost;
• Low electric power cost;
• Diversification and maturity of the industrial complex;
• Availability of infrastructure for factories;
• > labor (administrative, managerial, and production line levels) experienced in factory activities;
• > networks for the distribution of parts and services;
• direct links with the international market;
• open doors to foreign capitals (with profit remittance duly regulated).

• High interest rates;
• Corruption;
• Congress votes not according to country?s interests;
• Burden the circulating capital;
• Tax load and structure;
• Large diversity of taxes;
• High percentages;
• Collection system characterized by complex bureaucracy;
• High labor taxes;
• Inefficiency of infrastructure services;
• Roads and railroads in bad shape;
• High cost and inefficiency of the port network;
• High cost and technological gaps in the telecommunications network;
• Slow judicial proceedings.

Brazil is currently experiencing turbulant days with its economy. The situation, however, is different to other countries like Argentina, since it is by far the largest country within the Mercosur, the South-American economic community. If you read our text "Brazil as a Market", you will begin to have an idea of the incredible dimensions. This part of our site is especially for business people. We want you to have a closer understanding of this complex yet so important country. We therefore go further than just providing useful and interesting texts to read, we offer as well a Business Seminar / Familiarisation Trip for all those, who must, should or want to learn how to do business with Brazil. And for those who are already in Brazil doing Business, we have created a special product, what we call -without meaning to offend the city- "Escape from São Paulo". Please, refer to these sections below.

Congress Venues, Events and Incentive Groups
As the name implies, B.I.T. has a highly specialised department for meetings, congresses and incentive events. Our success in the European Market requires the highest Quality Standards and Creativity, and is a result of our great concern to fulfil our clients expectations and our smooth organisation of the programs.

Here a Video Clip about Ecology in Brazil

The "Brazil Cost"
Brazilian products and services are less competitive in terms of price and quality, both in the domestic and the international markets...

Business fam Tour
We have organised a group with garanteed departure that you could call a “Brazil Course”. It is a a one-week travel package where participants will have the opportunity to make interesting contacts and learn about how to do business with Brazil... Don't miss it!