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  Carnival Parade 2011  

This is the event most associated with carnival in Rio. On two days the top ranking samba schools present a stunning spectacle of colour, movement and rhythm.

Attending the parade at the Sambodrome is certainly unforgettable, though, unless you are completely nuts about samba, a whole night can be a bit much.


Tickets for the tourist sector - with numbered seats and access by bus - are of reasonable prices. Bookings must be made in advance and require pre-payment. The popular stands are very crowded and not recommended for tourists.

The Samba School Parade at Rio's Sambodrome is something everybody has to experience at least once in life. The event is broadcast live to several countries, and all Brazilian states. Watching on TV is cool, but not half as much fun as being there. You have to mingle with the crowd, sweat, maybe even march with a Samba School to feel how it really is!

Ticket for Carnival Parade 2011

(MAR 6th or MAR 7th, 2011)*



U$ to be advised


U$ to be advised






* Prices in USD and per person per ticket per day, including roundtrip SIB transfer to Sambodrome in regular basis.

* Tickets are guaranteed only upon non-refundable full pre-payment.

* Tickets are individual and valid for one day only.

* Sector 9 is the tourist sector with numbered seats and bilingual staff.

* Frisas/ Box - Sector 9 - six seats on each which may also be purchased in couples (minimum 2 passengers).

* Rates are based on local currency, due to this and to the floating exchange rate, we are informing the approximate rates based on the today’s exchange rate, subject to alteration.

* Roundtrip transfer to/from Sambodromo is Seat-in-bus service, shuttle service.

* The Parade starts at 9pm and ends around 7am.

Here is the list of the Samba Schools Carnival Parade for the Special group:

6th March - Sunday
7th March - Monday
- Play São Clemente
- Play União da Ilha
- Play Imperatriz          
- Play Salgueiro
- Play Mocidade
- Play Portela
- Play Unidos da Tijuca
- Play Grande Rio
- Play Vila Isabel
- Play Porto da Pedra
- Play Mangueira
- Play Bieja-Flor