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  Street Bands and Block  

This is a great opportunity to really be part of the joy and explosion of energy that is carnival in Rio.

This is not a group event that can be scheduled, rather a chance for individuals to join in with local street bands that parade through the different areas of the city. All you need take is yourself and a lot of energy!


Below you will find a preliminary list of the street bands and blocks that happens during and around carnival. For exact meeting points and schedule time, please check with your guide, hotel reception or newspapers during your stay in Rio:

February 12th, Friday
At Santa Teresa: Carmelitas (14hs)
At Ipanema: Vem Ni Mim que Eu Sou Facinha (17hs), Rola Preguiçosa (19hs)
At Copacabana: Banda do Lido (18h)
At Leblon: Azeitona Sem Caroço (16hs), Sapucapeto (18hs)
At Lapa: Boêmios da Lapa (19hs)
At Flamengo: Bloco do Brejeiro (20hs)
At Laranjeiras: Concentra mas não sai (18hs)
Downtown: Bloco dos Aposentados (15hs), Rival sem Rival (17hs)

February 13th, Saturday
At Botafogo: Dois pra lá, dois pra cá (8hs), Empolga às 9 (13hs), Barbas (13hs)
At Catete: Amigos do Catete (14hs)
At Copacabana: Banda do Bairro Peixoto (14hs), O Remédio é o Samba (18hs), Ulalá Balancê (14hs)
At Flamengo: Estica do Flamengo (17hs)
At Ipanema: Banda de Ipanema (16hs)
At Leblon: Empurra que pega (14hs), Inimigos do Império(14hs)
At Santa Teresa: Aconteceu (14hs)
Downtown: Cordão do Bola Preta (7hs30m)

February 14th, Sunday
Downtown: Cordão do Boitatá (7hs)
At Catete: Império da Folia (16hs)
At Ipanema: Afroreggae (15hs), Simpatia É Quase Amor (14hs)
At Botafogo: Banda de Botafogo (16hs), Fanfarani (14hs), Foliões de Botafogo (15hs)
At Leblon: Areia do Leblon (14hs), Bloquinho (14hs)
At Copacabana: Banda Bandida (10hs), Folia do Galo (13hs), Banda do Bairro Peixoto (14hs)
At Flamengo: Cachorro Cansado (15hs)
At Santa Teresa: Bonde da Folia (11hs)

February 15th, Monday
At Leblon: Corre Atrás (10hs), Império da Cruzada (16hs)
At Santa Teresa: Bloco Aconteceu (14hs), Maracutaia (16hs)
At Ipanema: Bloco Virtual (15hs), Banda de Ipanema - Kids (15hs)
At Copacabana: Afoxé Filhos de Gandhi (13hs), Banda Saldanha (15hs), Rancho Flor do Sereno (17hs)
At Botafogo: Bloco de Segunda (14hs)
At Laranjeiras: Bloco Volta, Alice (08hs)
At Lapa: Banda da Amizade (14hs)

February 16th, Tuesday
At Copacabana: Banda Braguinha (15hs), Banda Saldanha (15hs), Banda da Santa Clara (16hs)
At Ipanema: Banda de Ipanema (16hs), Do You like Brazilian Music (15hs), Os Mariocas (16hs)
At Santa Teresa: Carmelitas (08hs)
At Catete: Império da Folia (16hs)
At Botafogo: Banda de Botafogo (16hs), É tudo ou nada (12hs), Só pra ver no que vai dar (15hs)
At Flamengo: Cachorro Cansado (15hs)
At Leblon: Bloquinho (14hs), Empurra que pega (14hs)

February 17th, Ash Wednesday
At Santa Teresa: Me enterra na quarta (17hs)

February 20th, Saturday
At Ipanema: Bloco Bafafá (15hs)
At Leme: Não mexe que fede (16hs)
At Lapa: Berço do Samba (20hs)

February 21st, Sunday
Downtown: Monobloco (08hs)
At Leblon: Galinha do Meio-dia (19hs)
At Ipanema: Afroreggae (15hs), Batuque Digital (15hs)