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  Radios in Brazil  
Feel like listening to Brazilian radio stations? Right now! Just check two details:

1. You need a sound card. (If your PC has sound boxes, you are with us)
2. You have to install, only once, the Real Audio Software.

Click here to download RealPlayer!
Click here to download Windows Media!

Brazilian / International:
- Eldorado FM 92.9 (SP)
- Globo FM 92.5 (RJ)
- JB FM 99.7 (RJ)

Brazilian Popular Music:
- O Dia FM 100.5 (RJ)
- Beat 98 FM (RJ)
- Rádio BH FM (BH)

- CBN Notícias AM 860 (RJ)
- Globo AM (RJ)

MPB / Samba:
- MPB FM 90.3

Now you just need a hammock and a Caipirinha!

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