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Visa Electricity
Check out the list of countries to see if you need a visa (European Union members don´t need one, but U.S. citizens do)   Check out the local voltage before you plug in any electrical equipment you may have brought with you. Since sockets are different, maybe bring an adapter with you.
Customs & Travel Documents
Business hours

Don´t forget your passport. Hold on to your copy of the white immigration form which you´ll need to give back when you leave the country

  Check out the opening times for shops so that you have time to buy your souvenirs. Banks have limited opening times, but ATMs are usually available 24 hours per day.
Money / ATM
Weights & Measures
You can change money to Brazilian Reals in the hotel or, even better, use a bank ATM. Look out for the stickers which show which machines accept your bank card.   Brazil uses the metric system of weights and measures. We have some useful information for you if you´re not accustomed to this system.
Airport taxes
Check with your travel agent to see if you have to pay airport tax when you leave the country. Often it´s included in your ticket.   Don´t worry about strange tropical diseases in any of the major tourist destinations, but be careful to avoid excessive sunshine. Read our information just in case...
Boat Trips
The new rules and regulation from the Official Navy Department demand that every passenger boarded on a boat needs to be in a passenger list containing full name, date of birth and nationality.   Criminality / Documents
You are in a large city with abroad cross-section of social classes. Act carefully and stay alert as you would in any major city in the world. Hysteria and exaggerated mistrust is counter productive! But be sensible: Leave your valuables, flight tickets and passport in the hotel and just take your hotel card with you. Donīt wear expensive jewels on the street.
Under the Brazilian system you choose your operating company for every long-distance and international call you make. This helps the locals save money but can be confusing for visitors. Read our helpful hints.   Everyday Brazilian food still includes many ingredients known to the indigenous Indians, mixed with others brought by the millions of slaves from Africa. Enjoy the feijoada black-bean stew accompanied by a caipirinha.
Embassies & Consulates
When it´s Summer Time in the Northern Hemisphere, it´s winter here. Summer Time in Brazil is from October to February. You´d better take a look at our information.   Find here our list of consulats and embassies of most countries.


Many airlines require you to reconfirm your flight home at least 72 hours before departure.    
Duty-free Allowances
- USD500 (or equivalent in other currency) worth of goods bought duty-free in Brazil
- 400 cigarettes or 25 cigars
- 250g of tobacco
- 2 litres of alcoholic beverages
- Books and periodicals

Prohibited Goods
- Meat (fresh, dried, canned or otherwise) or meat products
- Diary products (ie milk, eggs, cheese etc)
- Fresh fruit and vegetables
- Plants or parts of plants (ie flowers, seeds, bulbs, stakers, mushrooms, soil etc)
- Animal feedstuffs
- Apicultural products (ie honey, wax etc) or live insects and snails
- Vaccines, viruses, germ cultures, human or animal tissues (ie semen and embroyos) and biological products or materials used in veterinary medicine
- Agricultural defensives (ie pesticides, herbicides etc)
- Birds

Special Notes
- Customs authorities may enforce strict regulations concerning temporary importation or export of items such as firearms, antiquities, tropical plants, medication and business equipment.